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LS 4.8 Stage 1 - Performance ReplacementSKU: LS4801

Grind # XA196/295-XA196/295-14+4

Duration at .050 196/196
Lift with 1.7 - .501/.501
Lobe Separation 114
Intake Centerline 110
Usable RPM Range 1000-4200

This hydraulic roller cam is designed for the LS Chevy 4.8L Vortec engine with 9.5 to 1 compression ratio and offers smooth idle, excellent low end torque, and smooth lobe design for quiet valve train operation and longevity. Three bolt heavy duty 8620 aircraft quality steel cam cores ensure excellent durability for your build. This cam will work well as a replacement for pickups and four wheel drive vehicles needing more power without poor gas mileage associated with the larger cams. Cam Motion designed this as a "drop in" type cam with minimal vehicle modifications. In most applications we recommend replacing the springs and the hydraulic lifters mainly because it is hard to check these parts to verify their remaining service life.

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