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Blower Stage 3SKU: BS3

Grind# XA234/360-XA246/350-16+4
Duration at .050 - 234/246
Lift with 1.7 - .612/.595
Lobe separation 116
Intake center line 112
Cam Timing Events:
Intake Valve Open: 5 BTDC
Intake Valve Close: 49 ABDC
Exhaust Valve Open: 63 BBDC
Exhaust Valve Close: 3 ATDC
Overlap: 8 degrees at .050br> Usable RPM Range 2200-6800

BLOWER STAGE 3 is made for the bigger blowers and more of a race type usage for limited cruising, but excellent top end power. These Cam Motion hydraulic roller cams feature our smooth lobe design for quiet valve train operation, longevity, and maximum RPM potential. Heavy duty three bolt cam cores built from 8620 aircraft quality steel ensure excellent durability for your build.
Grind name: BLOWER STAGE 3.

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