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09-Global WarmerSKU: Global Warmer

Grind# XA240/365-XA244/355-14+4
Duration at .050 - 240/244
Lift with 1.7 - .620/.603
Lobe separation 114
Intake center line 110
Usable RPM Range 3300-6800

Are you ready to do your part in the destruction of our planet? Would you like to unleash some internal combustion mayhem? The GLOBAL WARMER is guaranteed to create piles of earth destroying gases. Hold your throttle open and watch the temperature rise. Smooth cam lobe design provides quiet valve train operation and excellent upper rpm stability. Three bolt heavy duty 8620 aircraft quality steel cam cores ensure excellent durability for your build. Stall speed torque converters (3500-3800 RPM stall) and increased (3.73-4.30) rear end gear ratios definitely recommended. We recommend replacing the springs and the hydraulic lifters due to the higher valve lift and RPM potential of this cam.
Grind name: GLOBAL WARMER.

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